Written by: Paula Stephenson, Strategy Lead

I want to give a shout-out to some amazing radio partners I mentioned in a previous post. You might be surprised at what these big companies are willing to offer at no cost, especially during a crisis.

Broadcasters need to show constant love to their fanbase, and many find a ton of success by providing content with a helping hand. When deciding how to amplify our clients in a time of need, it was clear that radio promotions would be critical.

Full Scoop negotiated radio promotions that would usually cost thousands of dollars, at the mere cost of gift cards or delicious family meals.

Q107 (Corus Entertainment) stepped up for our client, JP Catering, and he gave away 10 meals to local Moms and Dads for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The promotion included on-air mentions, newsletter features and social mentions.

JP Catering received additional orders thanks to the additional (free) awareness Q107 provided, plus much need brand awareness for his new meal delivery business.

On a similar note, Indie 88 offered an online contest to our client K1 Speed Canada. While the location was temporarily closed (until health officials gave them the a-ok on July 31, 2020) the radio station gave K1 Speed the much-needed brand awareness required to stay top of mind while loyal fans were not able to visit.

Our clients, myself and the Full Scoop team could not have imagined the extent of opportunities that were provided through acts of kindness during the Pandemic of 2020.

Long story short, I re-discovered the importance of maintaining relationships and how important it is for Full Scoop to work with advertisers that care. Trust me, not everyone was this fantastic to work with (*cough cough* Bell Media).

The joy and strength that these promotions generated for our clients overcame any cost or results imaginable. These partnerships allowed Full Scoop and our clients to realize our full potential in the new normal that surrounds us.

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