Written by: Paula Stephenson, Strategy Lead

Global pandemic or not, at the end of the day a successful business comes down to real relationships – making new ones and maintaining existing ones. In mid-March 2020 we were all expecting (or experiencing) the worst, and some of those relationships gave us the hope required to keep going, from some of least expected people/companies too.

As the world was mandated to “stay home” and social distancing took over businesses of all sizes, I realized Full Scoop needed to adapt, quickly. There was no time to dwell or mourn the plans we set in motion in January, everything was changing. While, one thing never changes – human connection and caring.

Just East of Glenn Manor and Queen, many Beaches residents know the local cupcake shop called Life is Sweet. They have been around since 2007, feeding the community that surrounds them with flavours from double chocolate to coconut, and my favourite lemon! At the beginning of the pandemic, they quickly embraced what was happening by reinventing their space. The owner, Clare Sutton, began selling her tasty treats out of the back of her car.  Announcing what neighbourhood she would be in each day on Instagram.  With new take-out friendly options for their loyal patrons, Life is Sweet was able to stay open, safely. I am so happy that our local cupcake shop was able to persevere while so many other establishments have shut down. She now operates behind her shop In what now Is known as ‘Cupcake Alley’.

These local glimmers of hope, from restaurants to clothing stores, may seem small, but they have shown us an array of hardworking, honest people tapping into their creativity to stay alive.

I knew that there were positive vibes and good people we could lean on in the business sector too. Full Scoop could be that hope for the small businesses we serve. I stepped it up brought this positive mantra to our clients, prospects and like-minded business owners. Toni and I made the decision to pivot ourselves too. We promised to provide our services in full to all current clients while we knew many would need some adjustments in their fees. Though it seemed like a spiral in the opposite direction of where we were headed, numbers-wise, by helping our clients financially, we actually grew our business! You never know who is watching or listening, and showing you care goes a long way. We’ve got proof.

One of our valued clients, JP Catering, took the pandemic head-on by pivoting their hospitality model entirely. After having to let-go over half of his staff, Jonathan Preskow knew that corporate and private catering would no longer be the business focus for the foreseeable future. After a few hectic days, we got together with JP and began helping him pivot to meal delivery twice a week. We launched weekly menus, managed his email marketing, and secured some freebie radio promotions (Thank you, Q107, more on that here), JP Catering was back in business in no time and 100s of families are still enjoying his delicious meals at home. Since then, JP was able to rehire the staff and begin working on his pandemic-proof business model for the long-term (stay tuned for that announcement 😉).

I’m proud of how we’ve been able to support our clients, shop at local businesses like Life is Sweet, and grow our business in 2020. I truly attribute it to caring. Our clients, our partners and our team all know that Full Scoop truly loves them. Our actions in the last 5 months have proven it.

I always say, where there is chaos, there is opportunity.

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