Written by: Melanie Morton, Social Media Manager

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, yet for Instagram, it speaks a billion. With over 1 billion active monthly users, the platform allows anyone to build a profile and finely curate an online brand. Through posts, stories, and selfies, Instagram is taking over the world of social media one double-tap at a time. In the age of social media, it is essential that all businesses, big or small, build an account to showcase their product or service and attract future clients. When showcasing your brand on Instagram, one factor that must be mastered is the “link in bio”. As Instagram runs on the basis of sharing pictures and videos, the app does not allow users to include a link inside their captions. Instead, the caption has to be precariously crafted so that the user feels inclined to go scout the profile for the link (or if you happen to be on of the 6% of accounts with 10k followers, you can link in stories).

Though two clicks may not seem like a lot of work, to millennials and Gen Z’s, who make up 71% of the platform, it is. With an attention span under eight seconds, it is crucial that your business not only makes an impact in the caption, yet when clicking the link in bio as well. When your clientele feels inclined to click your link in bio, one must ensure that everything is in the right place, to send them down the rabbit hole of your business. After a bit of digging, here are the top four platforms to help bring your URL Instagram “link in bio” game to its full potential.

#1. LinkTree

With an initial free trial, LinkTree allows users to access websites with ease for all audiences. Simply download the service, add the link to your bio and tweak it as you please. LinkTree allows the user to control what they want to see from the companies site specifically, bringing a more interactive experience for viewers than the standard scrolling. Yet with all the pros there are cons. With LinkTree, each link includes the LinkTree logo and denies the customization of a personal URL. In 2018, LinkTree had a history of being seen as spam to Instagram and had it cleared from bios. Along with no personalization, LinkTree doesn’t necessarily promote users’ websites as a whole, yet specific content. This may or may not work for your brand.

#2. Instagram Landing Page

Building a custom branded Instagram landing page may seem intimidating yet is the ultimate way to deliver an on-brand Instagram “link in bio” experience. Landing pages bring more attraction to main websites and provide proper customization with branding opportunities, from logos to URL’s. Though landing pages allow viewers to know who you are as a brand, they may not fit in all budgets. With a larger emphasis on a one-time out-front cost, landing pages are a lot more costly and time-consuming to set up when comparing to apps such as LinkTree.

#3. ContactInBio

Similar to LinkTree, ContactInBio provides ease of access. Yet, unlike the previously mentioned app, ContactInBio provides an ability of customization for users. With personalized logos and images, this platform allows an unlimited amount of links (and even videos) to be accessed all in one place. ContactInBio provides analytics as to when and who clicks the link, giving businesses the ability to track. That being said, ContactInBio does require a monthly fee. Along with the monthly fee, one can choose from 7 themes, which does not allow businesses websites to stand out from the rest.

#4. Everlinks

By focusing on providing analytics per link, Everlinks provides ease of customization, crisp and minimal layout for navigation, and instantaneous loading time. Through online reviews, users adore Everlinks, users do not have anything negative to say about the platform. Though it seems like a dream come true, Everlinks has a lot of features that are not as apparent to users who are using it in a basic format. Meaning, it takes a lot of time and effort into understanding how the platform works as a whole.

All in all, no matter how you do it, ensure that your link in bio is clean, accessible, and represents your brand. Which platform will you be trying out?